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About Platforma

Your body is for taking


Special social related art project created by Dana Dvorin and Keren Cohen Israeli.

Violence against women is a social phenomenon in Israel and across the world, every

year women are murdered, raped, humiliated and thrown to the streets, they are held

by force in communities with strict rules and only fraction of the stories becomes

public. The issue is marginalized and rarely gets the attention or resources which will

enable those women to exit the circle of violence in a way that they will be able to

support themselves in dignity without external dependency. The decision to join

forces with the national theatre of Israel, "Hacameri", is meant to integrate the

"unacceptable" with the most acceptable social, cultural and professional institute.

"Platforma in Hacameri" project will provide women home and sense of belonging, a

stage for personal expression and protest, a chance to make a real change in their lives

while learning and developing a carrier as independent women.

Our Model:

Platforma theatre from violence to art-with collaboration of "Hacameri" National Theatre.

First of it's kind innovative model to create, express and protest in home like

environment while creating real change for female victims of violence(sexually,

verbally, physically mentally and economically).

Professional training in operating theatre, creation of stage

shows and integration as workers in the field at advanced stages.

Performing shows with "Hacameri" cast combining the

project participants as part of the production team.

Lectures, exhibits and monodrama productions based on

their personal stories.

Co-Founders and shared CEO of Platforma theatre

Dana Dvorin and Keren Cohen Israeli,

Directors, and art managers of national theatre festivals, writers and creators in the

field with 20 years of experience and proven success in theatre and harnessing it's

power in social context.

This time it will end differently

In this play we are the ones who write the end

True change takes place in doing –this Is our act, what is yours?

[email protected] Cohen Israeli 054-6372717

[email protected] Dvorin 052-3655600

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